Duvet Cover Sets 240x220

Duvet covers
We offer an extensive range of duvet covers. Different designs, different brands, different materials, there is quite a bit of choice. We notice that ourselves. What should you pay attention to when buying a duvet cover?

What one person likes, another may find terrible. Therefore, rely on your own experiences and feelings and do not assume what someone else thinks. Do you have a hard time with synthetics? Then do not choose micropercal, microfibre, polyester and/or nylon. In this case, go for natural products such as cotton, percale cotton, cotton satin or flannel. Also remember that one material is more suitable for summer (cotton, micropercal, cotton satin). Flannel is very suitable for the winter. Would you like more information about the different materials? Then read our blog Duvet cover materials .

Make sure you know what size your duvet is. Of course you don’t want to have a lot of space left or not enough. In terms of length, it should always be good. It may very well be that your duvet is 200 cm long, but almost all duvet covers are now already made in a length of 220 cm. This fits perfectly around your duvet of 200 cm long, only then you have a longer tuck-in strip. Children’s duvet covers are often still 200 cm long.

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