The duvet cover ‘Goodnight My Love’ from Sleeptime Elegance shows a simple, timeless design that will fit in many bedrooms thanks to the use of neutral colors.

The background of this duvet cover consists of 2 parts. The top part shows a light gray melange background. From a distance it looks almost solid, but because it’s mixed, it’s a bit less boring.

The lower part shows a checkered motif. It looks as if it is printed with very small light gray tiles. The tiles differ slightly in color from each other, so that they can be distinguished from each other and a playful pattern has been created.

Both backgrounds are separated by 2 horizontal lines. A narrow dark gray line and a slightly wider gray line. Above is the text ‘Goodnight My Love’ printed. The text is printed in different fonts. This creates a playful effect. The text is repeated several times on the duvet cover.

The pillowcases show part of the design of the duvet cover. Both backgrounds can be seen and the text ‘Goodnight My Love’ is also printed on them. The back of the duvet cover is also printed. This makes it usable on both sides.

This beautiful duvet cover from Sleeptime Elegance is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Cotton is a natural product and ensures good moisture regulation. The polyester ensures that the duvet cover is virtually iron-free and that the color remains beautiful for longer.

Sleeptime Elegance stands for a good price-quality ratio and often shows designs that fit the latest trends. Modern, hip, sleek, dreamy and contemporary can all be found in the collection.

Duvet covers from Sleeptime Elegance have a 20 cm tuck-in strip across the entire width of the cover. This tuck-in strip has press studs so that your duvet cannot slip out. Due to the length of 220 cm, this duvet cover is suitable for both 200 and 220 cm long duvets. With a duvet of 200 cm you have an extra tuck-in strip of 20 cm at the bottom.

Duvet Cover 240cmx 220cm
2 Pillowcases 60cm x 70cm

Washing instructions
Sleeptime mixed cotton washing instructions

The duvet cover can be washed in the washing machine. Use the normal program with a maximum temperature of 40°C.
The duvet cover must not be treated with chlorine and/or bleach. Only use detergents for colored and delicate laundry.
In principle not suitable for dry cleaning at the dry cleaners. Also do not use a stain remover, the duvet cover is not resistant to this either.
When ironing, do not use a high setting, this can damage the duvet cover. Iron at a maximum temperature of 110° C.
The duvet cover can be put in the dryer, but not at high temperatures.
Washing advice
To enjoy this quality product for a long time.

First rinse in cold water.
Always wash the duvet covers inside out.
Avoid using a detergent with bleaching agents and use a detergent for delicates.
Washing at 40°C is usually sufficient.
Do not wash the duvet cover in a drum that is too full.
Always rinse thoroughly.
After spinning, let the duvet cover hang to dry, then it dries smooth and if neces

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