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Superior Quality Double Woven Jersey Cotton Fitted Sheet.
This Home Care fitted sheet is a double woven jersey. The wonderfully soft fitted sheets are made of high-quality cotton of extra heavy quality (220 grams).

The Home Care fitted sheets are very suitable for box springs and for mattresses with a topper. Due to the corner height of 40 cm, the fitted sheet can completely cover these mattresses. The entire edge of the fitted sheet is provided with elastic, so that the product stays in place perfectly around your mattress. The fitted sheet is available in many colours.
Jersey is also always nice and warm because of the material and the weave.

The Home Care fitted sheet is available in many colours, so there is always a colour that matches your current duvet cover set.

A fitted sheet extends the life of your mattress. It protects your mattress against bacteria and absorbs the moisture that you lose while sleeping. Material This fitted sheet is made of jersey cotton. Jersey is made of 100% cotton, it is a special weaving technique that makes the cotton stretchy. The fitted sheet is breathable, ventilating, comfortable and airy. In addition, jersey is completely wrinkle-free and therefore does not need to be ironed. Jersey is also always nice and warm because of the material and the weave.
Other information:
This wonderfully soft jersey fitted sheet is suitable for mattresses up to 34 cm high and has an elastic edge all around. This keeps the fitted sheet perfectly in place, night after night. This way you can continue to sleep undisturbed and enjoy your night’s rest. Home Care Fitted sheets from the Home Care brand ensure that you have a wonderful night’s sleep.

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