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Flannel also feels nice and warm and not as cold as regular cotton. The fabric also adapts very quickly to your body temperature. Ideal for the colder nights, but also for warmer nights. Flannel breathes well and absorbs moisture well.

The duvet cover from Sleeptime Elegance shows a simple design that will fit in many bedrooms by using only a few colors.

The pillowcases have the same design as the duvet cover. Both the duvet cover and the pillowcases can be used on both sides.

This beautiful duvet cover from Sleeptime Elegance is made of 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural product and ensures good moisture regulation.

Washing instructions

Sleeptime mixed cotton washing instructions

  • The duvet cover can be washed in the washing machine. Use the normal program with a maximum temperature of 40°C.
  • The duvet cover must not be treated with chlorine and/or bleach. Only use detergents for colored and delicate laundry.
  • In principle not suitable for dry cleaning at the dry cleaners. Also do not use a stain remover, the duvet cover is not resistant to this either.
  • When ironing, do not use a high setting, this can damage the duvet cover. Iron at a maximum temperature of 110° C.
  • The duvet cover can be put in the dryer, but not at high temperatures.

Washing advice
To enjoy this quality product for a long time.

  • First rinse in cold water.
  • Always wash the duvet covers inside out.
  • Avoid using a detergent with bleaching agents and use a detergent for delicates.
  • Washing at 40°C is usually sufficient.
  • Do not wash the duvet cover in a drum that is too full.
  • Always rinse thoroughly.
  • After spinning, let the duvet cover hang to dry, then it dries smooth and if necessary, iron it with an iron.

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