Duvet cover micropercal Jacquard Taupe
The Zensation ‘Jacquard’ duvet cover shows a beautiful, stylish design. The cover has a pattern with horizontal lines where the fabric is partly wrinkled.

A jacquard loom is a weaving machine invented in 1804 that made it possible to machine complex patterns. Jacquard is mainly used in curtains and carpets. This technique also ensures that a pattern could be applied on top of the fabric, as it were, which you also see with this cover.

Horizontal, solid lines separate the rest of the pattern. The fabric is slightly wrinkled between the smooth lines for a playful effect. This is repeated over the entire cover.

The pillowcases have the same design as the duvet cover on 1 side. The other side of the pillowcase and the back of the duvet cover do not have the design and are therefore solid ocher yellow in color.

This stylish Zensation duvet cover is made of 100% micropercal. This material has similar properties to cotton, but is a synthetic fabric. It feels wonderfully soft and is well moisturizing. Due to reactive washing, the color fastness is optimal.

The duvet cover ‘Jacquard’ is also available in the colors grey, anthracite, cream, dark green, pastel orange, black, taupe, baby blue and yellow.

Zensation stands for chic and stylish and the covers have a classic look. This is reflected in the entire collection.

Zensation duvet covers have a tuck-in strip across the entire width of the duvet cover. The tuck-in strip has press studs so that the duvet cannot slip out. Due to the length of 220 cm, the duvet cover is suitable for duvets of 200 and 220 cm long.

Duvet Cover 240cmx220cm
2 Pillowcases 60cmx70cm

Zensation micropercal washing instructions

The duvet cover can be washed in the washing machine. Use the normal program with a maximum temperature of 40°C and spin at low speeds.
The duvet cover must not be treated with chlorine and/or bleach. Only use detergents for colored and delicate laundry.
In principle not suitable for dry cleaning at the dry cleaners. Also do not use a stain remover, the duvet cover is not resistant to this either.
When ironing this duvet cover, do not use a high setting, this can damage the duvet cover. Iron at a maximum temperature of 150°C.
The duvet cover can be put in the dryer, but not at high temperatures.
Washing advice
To enjoy this quality product for a long time.

First rinse in cold water.
Always wash the duvet covers inside out.
Avoid using a detergent with bleaching agents and use a detergent for delicates.
Washing at 40°C is usually sufficient.
Do not wash the duvet cover in a drum that is too full.
Always rinse thoroughly.
After spinning, let the duvet cover hang to dry, then it dries smooth and if necessary, iron it with an iron.
If you use a tumble dryer, use a low drying temperature for the duvet cover for a short time.

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