1X Pillowcase Beauty Skin Care.
The Beauty Skin Care pillowcase from Sleeptime Lifestyle is made of 100% micropercal. The micropercal is woven in such a way that satin silk is created. Due to this way of weaving, the yarn comes together very closely, resulting in a strong and soft fabric.

Satin silk feels smooth and supple, has a subtle shine and a luxurious appearance. Satin silk also absorbs moisture very well. By weaving satin from micropercal, the pillowcase is completely anti-allergic. This contributes to a good moisture balance in your skin and hair.

The Beauty Skin Care pillowcase soothes fiery skin, fights acne and impurities and also has a cooling effect. This way you wake up radiant and you start the day with a fresh face free of sleep folds. Due to the neutral color white, this pillowcase fits in many bedrooms and with many duvet covers.

The pillowcase has a size of 60 x 70 cm. This is the most commonly used size for pillows in the Netherlands. The Beauty Skin Care pillowcases are available in multiple colors.

Washing instructions
Sleeptime pillowcase washing instructions

The pillowcase can be washed in the washing machine. Use the delicates program with a maximum temperature of 60°C and spin at low speeds.
The pillowcase should not be treated with chlorine and/or bleach. Only use detergents for colored and delicate laundry.
Dry cleaning is possible at the dry cleaner’s. It may use different types of cleaning agents, such as mineral turpentine or perchlorine.
When ironing this pillowcase, do not use the hottest setting, this can damage the fitted sheet. Iron at a maximum temperature of 150°C.
You cannot put the micropercal pillowcase in the dryer.

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